The Plastic Muse

Art is not in any way limited to art forms,  I have always been fond of reminding myself. I have tried my hand at different art forms as a result, taking inspiration from the original fountainhead sanctioned by the creative muse. And not without some fraction of success. I discovered very early my passion for music which embraced other guises of creative expression such as painting, writing poetry, and even sculpting.

I will never subscribe to the notion of a specialist artist as long as an artist can fathom other modes of art. This subject has made me very vociferous on cyber space and I have often displayed my work with elan. Art is unbounded in the first and last analysis. For this very reason there is no ceiling on its altitude. This is the theme song of every article that will be exhibited in this space. With a free pass to this fraternity of artists I welcome every reader of this blog.


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