The Restless Moonbeam

P. Bhaskaran, magnificent poet, wrote about a restless moonbeam on a honeymoon thus:

Tossing and turning all by herself
On her lotus bed
In the sky,
The honey moonbeam sleepless lies.
On the sandal cot,
On white coverlets of midnight
Made of champaka flowers,
She prepares for her honeymoon night
With moist dew on her lips.
Priestess of love, priestess of love,
At the hour of lovers’ union
Didn’t you demurely shut the door last night,
You white splendour of the sky?

Listen to the vernacular musical rendering of this poem ( composed by P. Bhaskaran and translated by me) which is sung by S. Janaki, legendary Indian playback singer, on youtube. Search with the words “thaane thirinjum marinjum…” The stunning music was scored by Baburaj. This is for the sentimental types who find drama in nature’s images.


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