Media Comets

Think of what is happening in the news media today. A story comes up and has a meteoric fate and then when it has touched the zenith it begins to dip and trail like a comet and then hits the ground. And those who are the consumers or connoisseurs do not want anything different as they demonstrate the classic human penchant for variety.

Roving gives a lot of pleasure indeed. But some minds that feed on what is offered demand more of its kind for their own reasons. They do not just gloss over the headlines and do wish to know more about a thing that has appeared on a trajectory. They want to know all the pauses and shots, fits and starts and all the mechanics till the thing comes to its natural stop. And that is indeed the way news must be savoured. In a consumerist society even news has come to mean something with an entertainment value attached. But who can discount its motivational value? It should, ideally, educate and edify, and, in harmless doses, moralise too. Society should do better for the media. Media are our eyes, ears, and nostrils that connect us to life; indeed, our biosphere. If the work of this composite organ is erratic, the toll is also inestimable. It is a human duty in this age to amply critique the work of the media in just the same manner as one would show judgement in electing a government.


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