The Post – Modern Pastoral

Our idyllic notions of long-lasting friendships were centred around shepherds going in cohorts and tending flocks till death parted them. They washed and drank from the same brook or stream and weathered the same storms on the way. They were in short, inseparable. Today the hills and meadows that provide friendship are reached by mere clicks and one can exit as easily as one entered. Friends don’t have to do tedious jobs, the momentum of which keeps them together. They can accept or reject each other on first sight itself as an entity on the virtual space.

They don’t have to bother about finding convincing excuses to part company. That job is done for them by the fine inbuilt provisions for unliking or unsubscribing. They drink and wash at electronic streams that are ever so resilient. Mother Nature herself has lost her unique patent to fine conmen who do stupendous tasks such as cloud seeding and the like that help her bounce back to shape. This, dear friends, is the post – modern Pastoral with its unique topography and individuals. “Until death doth us part” is a vacuous thing as death itself is a crafted thing like any other. When birth can be chosen and death in the bargain, salvation also becomes a matter of volition, totally discounting cosmic energies. The fine device called the intellect is the tool striking on the anvil of Creation in a post – modern Eden reached by uncanny locomotives. Everyone is busy booking his ticket for the great adventure.


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