The Dismal New Year

The streets were festooned for the great eve,

The welcoming of another year of wonders,

With colours, shapes and odours strewn along

And variegated crackers in bursts of rapture.

Hardly had the songs and colours had their day

Than a huge deluge was lowered by the skies

With Noah and his Ark nowhere in sight

And soaking to their skins the city folks.

The dailies reported a flash flood

Perhaps for things lost in a flash

But it was not the first of its kind

For the oblivious city buffered so far.

Yet it was hard as nature zeroed in

With losses sheer and future dire,

But I leave my city for a while

To consider my brethren in the dark.

In queer Indian jungles and obscure hills

Women and children forever slog

To hold the thatch over their prone heads

And keep their sunken floors dry for a sleep.

Plight doesn’t pacify in plight

And losers find no solace

In tales of a worse mishap

That shattered a man or men manifold.

Yet it would do good to note

That another man’s grief is no mote,

And this lesson as a year transits

Should bring less disquiet

And more of peace.


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