Time’s Treasure-Trove

The world gasped when the treasure was found,

Was out of breath and gulped air–

Such was the fantasy turned reality

That stunned prince and pauper alike–

And it took rage and courage to save the lot

From official plunderers and their patricians

Who mouth the plebian name to haul it all

Into the selfish estates of prole plutocrats.

The supine rest of the plenipotent Lord

On Ananta’s coils on the tranquil ocean

Set guard upon this infinite wealth

Like Siegfried on the riches of the dwarves

In the tale Wagner told of the Niebulung–

So guarded was it over sprawling time

Till it yielded is tale to the marauder’s gaze.

There was once a clan of bondsmen

And bondmaids to the Lord residual now

Still heedful of the supreme decree,

Veritable legatees to the dynastic pelf.

They hardly ever sent a covetous eye

Over the fund that their fathers found,

Never defying the king of all mines

Who made the earth’s poles to deter man.

Wolves hungry and also feigning hunger prowl

And project their hunger on hapless lambs

Chiding them for muddying their wonted streams

And calling them to account for their fathers’ deeds.

The catechism never ends about ownership

With owners by right backing from the show

Leaving it to haggling and wrangling burglars

Who refer the question to all but time–

Time, the witness and guardian of races

Who ever walked the earth in human form,

Who bestowed and bequeathed their proprietary lot

On nameless posterity tenanting their soil.


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