Arjun ‘ s Dejection

He blew his conch Devadatta
And dashed forward with verve
Towards the battle – hungry cousin belt
And saw his mentor with his kin.

There was Bheeshma and also Drona
In full martial splendour and proud array
Waiting for his famed charge
That was his stamp from disciple days.

Then felt he wan and doleful
Over the plight of being the scourge
Of the one who blessed his lethal bow
And hundred cousins playmates of yore.

He tells Krishna the war is bootless
For victory with the taint of sin
Weighs equal with moral courted pain.
And Krishna gave an amused smile.

He lets down the Gandiva
So shaken with grief and remorse
While Krishna holds the decisive reins
Spurring the horses and his friend.

Krishna goads him into action
Making him beware of cowardly acts,
Propelling action in its own name
Leaving the fruits to the greatest one.

Krishna then revealed the cosmic lore
To his diligent and devout cousin
And then his almighty cosmic form
To his dearest disciple of all time.

Arjun woke up trance ended
And braced himself for the fight,
The greatest battle in the myths of man
That curdled the blood of watching gods.

The Lord of the Vrisni clan was right.
The wicked lost the righteous war
And the noble having gained their right
Bequeathed their lot to the overlord.

The mind beset with fear and doubt
Gains succour in Krishna ‘ s name,
Ever present in the breath of breaths,
And ever moving in blades of grass.


3 responses to “Arjun ‘ s Dejection

  1. cryptic last lines …’blades of grass’ – if reference is to the fate of the yadavas…does it have implications for the way Sri Krishna’s message is understood?


    • It was just a casual reference to Krishna ‘ s omnipresence. Nothing cryptic intended. The Gita dwells at length on the pervasiveness of Krishna ‘ s surveillance, doesn’t it?


      • As a casual reference it still works well as allusion to related events but at same time it works as a fitting image for general readers. The terms ‘pervasiveness of surveillance’ – a panoptic Krishna…thought-provoking poem. thanks.


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