Raga Sahana

The rage Sahana in Carnatic music is known for its sweeping flow which is untranslated in its vernacular name of laya. Laya at best summons the image of total and spellbound immersion affecting a rare psycho kinesis.

It expresses itself through the related modes of rasas or emotional propensities. Sahana has the greatest use of what we call gamakas or quick cadences of the singing voice. The elongated sweeps alternating with the sudden fluctuations in the same tonal pattern is a great treat to the ears. This raga is most suited to romantic and religious compositions where wilful submission is subtly transmitted. It gives an air of lassitude in rigorous emotional involvement. It bespeaks the ardent lover and contemplative saint in its delicate flow and progression.


9 responses to “Raga Sahana

  1. I like the two – Raga – Relaxation Sahana one and Surabhi. The other link did not go to any..The music is quite sad. I watched a foreign movie (Indian) called Water. With the music, it made be cry a lot. I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this music and the post.


    • Glad you were able to follow my meaning when I recorded my impressions in the post. When you know the whole mechanics of ragas you will enjoy better. Right now it is only a dilettantist enjoyment. Still you had it!

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