As the Train Chugs

For those Indians fed on the sixties songs
A chugging train means Rahee Matwaale
Sung with the nostalgia of Talat and Suraiyya
Calling them from their confines
To a luscious dreamland.

Today’s themes are far different
With news heralds reporting
Harassed leap – outs or push – downs
Of hapless lasses who buy their tickets
To screeching ambulances,
Or win lotteries to the government’s
Wee bit of compensation
In lieu of a mangled death
At the ruthless tracks.

The account is settled
As the soul leaves the body.
These victims of lust and outrage
Seldom bring crooks to book
To prevent repetition of the kind
On likely subjects
On precarious boarding.

Chance and destiny are made to
Take responsibility for horrendous crimes
On weaker humanity, quashing reports,
While losses are benignly met
By the exchequer ‘ s passive charity.

How does it seem to feeling Indians
Who have learnt over time
To embrace hindrance?


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