Nemesis or Niobe

I am nobody’s Nemesis,
Nor am I anybody’s Niobe.
I would neither chase somebody
Up to the precipice of calamity,
Nor would I delight the jeering world
With my river of unending tears.

I never find my relish
In the thwarted hopes of others,
Nor do I find it in abject surrender
Of what is dear and near.
I am no sadist by the modern idiom,
Or a masochist by the same token.
I do not as such occupy
Terminal positions of a dialectic,
Nor do I assume medial positions
In the concerned perspective.

My faith lodges in my heart
And in the hearts others extend,
Quite detached from the values of the world
That do not value existence.
Nor can I extinguish the glow of essence
That shines over the drab and mundane,
Making me human among animals
And an angel among humans.

I am neither a Nemesis nor a Niobe,
Or any property men were wont to see
As a stereotype in the world of gender
From the times of the great Zeus.
I loath giving pain or crying in pain,
Because it is against the order of things.
My creed is to divide and multiply
The love in me Genesis had not foretold.

You can’t find my story in any book
Or in any ballad some human crafted.
It is the story of a She, not he,
Who was often sidestepped
In human discourse eternally,
Only to emerge afloat perennially.


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