Buying a Home

I have oftentimes heard friends say,

“I want a home by the sea.”

They see the sea as accomplishment,

Accompaniment, a balm for tired minds

Bruised in the fray of life.


The sea is home to many;

From the hardy and sea-sick sailors

To the marines growing in her capacious womb

She is mother and provider, and educator.

Her lover, the sky, meets her ever to collude

With her; to guide aviaries who brace themselves

For flight from her vast preparatory shores.


But what business has man

To appropriate this home?

He trespassed into Diana’s kingdom

And is waging a persistent war

Against the martial Mars.

How many homes does he want,

This impostor and marauder?

Where does he mean to live in one life,

And where does he want to be buried?


All love to watch the grand waltz of these two,

The sky ad the sea.

They wish to move their homes

To this locale, this rendezvous.

Advertisements ask for a huge stake

To watch this role play in pastel costumes,

And highlight the climax when russet

And crimson splash upon the costumes.

Men are busy buying tickets for a lifelong

Attendance of the dramatic show.

Their selling agents bring all Nature

Into a microcosmic perspective;

A miniature where geography, topography

And meteorology appear in a frame of

One single place.


For a price earned by part of a lifetime

They bring into the span of a settlement

Streaming rivers and mangrove-lined lakes

As though the whole cosmos were here to behold.


Nature is more than perspective;

Larger, mightier, unrelenting,

Ruthless in bounty, salvaging

In disaster.

A window frame or balcony is too little

To know her role and field of action.


If you want a home by the sea

She will not say No.

She will educate you well on tasks

Of industry and domesticity.

Watch her cook, clean and serve

And launder as the sky holds the lamp

Of daylight for her,

Till she rests at night tired and content,

Like a wonderful, able housekeeper.

She holds her infants close to her

Maternal bosom heaving with love,

Singing lullabies and rocking , and

Making wishes on the stars.


You have a great neighbour to emulate;

A thing to show your friends,

But only don’t pretend it’s your pride

That such a one lives by your side.





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