Promised Land

A tired sailor struggling in the stormy sea thought he was done for. It was the time of night and he was rudderless, so to say. He turned around and found his friends either dozing away or playing cards, too busy anyway to spare him a thought. He had to steer his machine to safety and he knew he was not just the one to benefit from the sight of the harbour. But he got no support at all and he tried with astonishing perseverance. Finally the rays of dawn were in sight and showed him the silhouette of a man in a  winter cap waving distantly in the direction of the ship. He thought, he is a stranger but he is so thoughtful and has a telepathic sense of my plight! He knows the journey is done but the voyager needs more of a welcome on the shore and a warm hug than champagne bottles uncorked. The wave of a stranger on reaching every unexpected shore is a great morale booster. So I thank every stranger on this electronic coast who cheered me after my uncertain journey which was my maiden voyage in cyberspace.


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