The Blighted Mikado

When geisha girls waved at the enemy planes

From open windows of bamboo homes

They had no inkling of the stark outage

That the universe saw a second later–

The world sprang to war a second time

With the power inequation shooting to a high

Setting a clamp on Nipponese fortunes,

With Pearl Harbour prompting the fatal show.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the sequel

With entire biodiversity going to hell,

Nothing remaining of the Holocaust

Except ravishment and relentless ruin.

Embraced only by the fuselage

Of flaming fighter planes struck down,

The blighted Mikado shunned dear life

And sought refuge in the atomic waste.

But this soon became blurred memory

When he bounced back to enviable shape

By dint of labour and sheer industry

That rebuilt the Samurai’s defiant might.

The proud empire was the Orient’s jewel

With endless treasures lustrous as pearls

That seekers tirelessly plunged to attain

And always returned to visit again….

Till another visitation of foul omen

Befell the nation that bent

Before no mortal phenomenon.

Cruel fate plucked her out of euphoria

With evil interplay of land and sea,

The very benefactors that gave her plenty

Now snatching away their gifts of bounty.

The sterling folk never known to capitulate

Now throw up their hands in the air

Hoping to attract some divine messenger

Who would reverse their lot once again.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast

While all is not lost for sufferers,

But nothing terrestrial will ever suffice

To spur these lives

Of unmitigated blight.



(This poem was published in my 2012 collection Thus Spake the Hour, and is a reflection on the disasters in Japan following the tsunami)








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